Pressemappe “Trouvailles Pianistiques”

Herbert Büttiker for den Landboten Winterthur pdfread here

Johannes von Arx for Schaffhauser Nachrichten pdfread here

Walter Labhardt fro die Rundschau Baden pdfread here

04.08.2017 Concert Tour

From this moment available: Tickets for concert tour „Trouvailles Pianistiques“ on

23.10.2016 Crowdfunding

A new crowdfunding campaign to support two concerts with music by Emil Frey in Berlin and Zurich > support us

17.06.2016 Staatsoper Berlin - Refugees Welcome

At the "young Staatsoper" Berlin there is a new project since a couple of months- so called "welcome-classes" and groups of refugees (children and teenagers) are invited to participate in a 4-hours-workshop to learn about opera, musical theatre, to play, have fun and combine language, music and movements. I am part of the coaching staff.                


20.05.2016 Portrait

Flavia Bonanomi for Aargauer Zeitung. > read here

10.02.2016 - CD-Review

Sybille Ehrismann for Landbote Winterthur. > read here

01.01.2016 - New CD

Very soon available on Toccata Classics, but already in my hands: Emil Frey piano music, Volume one.   
> Release Information on Toccata Classics

16.10.2015 - Review Badener Tagblatt

Review by Walter Labhart for Badener Tagblatt. > Review

Upcoming Concerts

  • 0717
    Premiere „La Bohème“ mit dem Jugendclub „Aufsteiger“ der Staatsoper Berlin

    17. Juli 2018

  • 1001
    CD Aufnahme „Trouvailles Pianistiques“

    Oktober 2018

  • 0117
    Rezital Theresianum Ingenbohl, Brunnen Schweiz

    17. Januar 2019

  • 0124
    Rezital Centre le Phénix, Fribourg, Schweiz

    24. Januar 2019

  • 0125
    Rezital Villa Boveri, Baden Schweiz

    25. Januar 2019

  • 0127
    Rezital Stadthaus Winterthur, Schweiz

    27. Januar 2019

  • 0524
    Beethovens 4. Klavierkonzert in Copiapo, Chile

    24. Mai 2019

  • 0823
    Rezital Musik Meister Schaffhausen, Schweiz

    23. August 2019